Washington Redskins

Football is something that a lot of people are simply crazy about, especially when the end of the season sets in. In Washington DC and the surrounding area they are extra crazy about the Washington Redskins, originally known as the Boston Braves. The Redskins are so loved that they are the most valuable sports team in the United States today, with an estimated value of around $1.43 billion.

Also, each game that they play at FedEx Field is among the top attended games in the NFL and tickets are difficult to get. You’ll need a good ticket broker.

The Washington Redskins joined the NFL in 1932 when they were still known as the Boston Braves. They were awarded the franchise under the efforts of George Preston Marshall. It was not an easy path towards glory for the franchise. It had its share of groping for form, needing competent coaches and players to be among the contenders in the NFL. Putting up a competitive team is never that easy, and this is what they experienced in the first few years of existence in the NFL.

Coaching changes were a key part in the success of the team. Past coaches include, George Allen (1971-77) and Joe Gibbs (1981-92 and 2004 to present). Redskins fans are waiting for Joe Gibbs to return the Redskins to some of their former glory.

Playing in the NFC East, the Redskins games against the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles are especially good ones to see thanks to very strong rivalries in this conference.

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